Please review Stock Ink Color Chart and select colors for your order. The ink colors chosen are standard ink colors. Specific ink colors may be requested, though not all colors are guarenteed to be available. Ordering of custom inks will incur an additional charge. When viewing this form, please note that colors may vary due to computer monitor and printer settings.

Please be mindful when choosing inks for dark colored products. Dark ink colors will not be visible on dark products (e.g. Dark Gray ink on a Black product). All lighter colors, when printed on dark products, will require a white underprint for quality color. Due to difference in printing operations, screenprint ink on products will dry slightly darker. If you have any questions about choosing appropriate inks for your order, please speak to your representative.

* NOTE *
   * Personal monitors and printers may not reflect the exact color hue on our website or order forms.
   ** If an Art Design is submitted and the ink color is not on Design A Print, Inc's ink color chart, mixing will be required.
       We will match the color, or colors, as close as possible to your original art design.